Joelle TOmlinson

The beautiful, talented & kind Joelle Tomlinson of CTV Morning Live Calgary has been our client!! We loved working for her!!!

"Joyce taught me about minimalism. How every single piece in the house should have a purpose and to always leave a place nicer than you found it. I go to her for advice about house and life management"

Francis Luta, Film maker

"I had the pleasure of working with these two wonderful ladies in my home. We had so much to do and just the weekend to get it done. They came with boundless energy, wonderful organizing tips & open non-judgmental hearts. I am so pleased with the results and would recommend hiring these ladies for any organizing project: big or small. They are a FORCE!"

Michelle Allen

"NeatFreakss came to my house and helped me sort & donate all of my husband's files & belongings after he has passed. As a senior, their help was very much appreciated. Thank you so much Sharon & Joyce!"

L. Johnson

"I called NeatFreakss for virtual advice on my kitchen renovation. They helped me pick wall color, backsplash, floors & lighting design. They were so helpful and they're really all about simplification. Amazing how tidying & upgrading the look of one room can give you more appreciation for life."

J. Barnes, Owner, The Renaissance Farm

"Joyce helped me pack and stage my first house in Toronto. Everything was done beautifully & with ease. She has been my best friend then and now."

N. Hardy, Marketing Director

"I am a busy working mom of 3 that also homeschools my kids. Joyce & Sharon helped me declutter rooms in my house, get rid of junk, organize & maximize the space. They're Godsend!"

N. Griffith

"NeatFreakss helped me purge my husband's belongings when he passed away. They also helped me repaint a room, declutter & organize my kitchen. I am very pleased with the results. Love them!"

Christina G. L.