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Hello There!

We are Joyce & Sharon of  Neat Freakss Organizers.  Thank you for visiting our page!

We are professional home & office organizers based in Calgary, Alberta. We have worked with all kinds of people from all walks of life & our goal is for our clients to love their space & make it efficient.

We repurpose & organize things in practical ways to give you more space & create a system that will carry-on long after we’ve left. We try to “shop” in your house and look for storage solutions that you may already have to save you money & we work with you to edit &  sort your things to give you more breathing room & create the peace you want your home to give you.

We believe home organization is an art & art is the highest form of the human spirit. 

When you organize your home and you see that everything in it has a place and purpose, That is art. That is hope. That is living your best life. We know that sounds cheesy, but it's true!! We hope to hear from you soon. Let's work together!!!


Joyce & Sharon 

                             Professional Organizers in Canada members


Phone or TEXT us!  403•998•7277  or 403-975-2422


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