How does this work?

Please complete our contact form to start the discussion.

After you contact us, we will schedule a free estimate for us to come to you, or you can send us a picture of your space you want us to organize. We will give you an estimate/ a proposal, how much and how long everything will take.

Do I have to buy stuff or clean up before you come to my place?

No you don't have to do anything!!! We will come to you and discuss if you need to buy storage. Maybe you already have one in your house that we can use.

I saw The Home Edit on Netflix, is this what you guys do?

YES! We like this show. This is exactly what we do with a touch of "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo".. both shows on Netflix.

Will both of you come to my place?

That is the goal. We like working together, not only are we faster together, it is also cost efficient for you. we will wear our masks, sanitize and ensure everything is spic and span before we leave.

What if we decide we need more than organizing my room? What if I change my mind and want it renovated instead?

No problem! What we do is organization and staging. But if you want more like redesigning or renovating a room, we work with a great friend Cathy Verlaan of "All Things Designed". She is the best, and an experienced interior designer.

Is it ok if I have a big dog or leave my pets around you while you work?

We love pets, so we can’t promise that we won't get distracted by their cuteness. But if you have a pet that is unfriendly to new faces, then may we suggest you put them in a different room while we work. We will appreciate this so much :)

Is $80/ hour each?

No. it is $80/hr for a team of 2. We will give you an estimate on how long the job will take to finish. Usually a very full walk-in closet or a kitchen pantry takes us 3-4 hours.

Do you have a police clearance?

Yes we do. We can provide you a copy if that will make you feel more comfortable.

Do I have to be on site while you work?

It's up to you. You totally can. But due to Covid, if you are staying while we work, please wear a mask around us. We appreciate it! We have also worked with clients where they just left us their keys or given us their entrance codes.

Will you share my pictures online?

Only if we have your approval. We have worked on houses where the owners want privacy and say no, but some are more than willing to showcase their amazing before and afters.

What areas of Calgary do you service?

All of the greater Calgary area including Okotoks, Cochrane, Chestermere, Foothills, Airdrie, De Winton, Springbank & Bragg Creek.

We charge a minimal driving fee for service outside of Calgary and area.

Contact us for more info 403-998-7277

Forms of payment?

We prefer e-Transfer. But cheque, cash & credit card are acceptable. We charge $40 Non-refundable fee to book and schedule us.