about us

Why hire us?

We are friendly, respectful and we know our stuff.

Clients hire us for different seasons & reasons. We had clients who were physically challenged, going through personal troubles, relocating, or simply moving in. Whatever the case may be, we are the last two people that would judge anyone. Having come from the humblest of beginnings, Sharon grew up in Jamaica and Joyce in Manila. We have seen and been in the most challenging situations life can throw at you and we think we have turned them into blessings.  We know most people have a budget in mind when they hire us, so we work hard, fast and efficient to give you the quality of work you expect when you spend your money. Hiring a professional organizer is an investment you wont regret spending.

A little bit about us; we met  when our kids were in kindergarten many years ago and we bonded over the fact that we both studied, worked & lived in Toronto.  

Joyce' career background is Gemology (Toronto) & later took on Home staging at MRU.  Sharon's career has been in Human Resources (Toronto) & pursued Home Design later on in Calgary.

We quickly became friends and our friendship grew even stronger when we both volunteered & realized we work great together feeding hungry children through Calgary Brown Bagging.  We realized we met for a purpose.

We have the same values & beliefs, and believe that in  the end, it’s all about family & friends. When your family is happy & healthy, YOU are happy. 

It would be our pleasure to help you organize your home, to live your best life with the people that you care most about.

With gratitude,

Joyce & Sharon

Professional Organizers in Canada 

"Decluttering is about removing the things we don't want. Minimalism is about discovering how little we need."